​​​​​​​The Why Not? association are great friends of mine, stemming back from when I lived in France. They have a Beach and Mountain team spanning dance, skate, ski, surf and snowboarding professionals. I was a part of their dance team and was brought out for a workshop in their newly opening dance studio. I came straight from teaching in Sweden and still had my travel camera with me so didn't hesitate in taking the opportunity to put it to good use.
Dance Social Media Video
This was definitely more rough around the edges than my usual shoots on account of it being completely impromptu. Upon arriving in Biarritz and visiting the building I had nothing but my B-Camera (No tripod, lenses, lights etc.) in my bag and set about capturing some shots of the venue and my friends using the space. There was no planned storyline and very little direction given, we were just riffing off of each other until the sun set.The reason I hold this video so dearly is because it highlights how much can be done with just a little creativity, a sprinkle of determination and a dash of post production lighting.
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