There is no day as special, where people are so honest, loving and open. I may begin the day as a stranger but by the end I feel like part of the family and it leaves me with a huge smile on my face every time.
Wedding videos are such an artistically demanding form of media. You have to be adept at being in the right place at the right time to capture those candid moments that the couple will want to look back on. You constantly switch between product videography, interviews, portraits, tracking shots, a variety of frames rates and focal lengths with multiple lenses, cameras, stabilisers and an array of sound equipment with no room for error and no second chance (we hope). The pressure is high, but so is the result and I honestly love every moment of it.
Greg & Stef Wedding
Every wedding is different and every couple is unique. A loud, fast and heavy punk rock tune may not be everyone’s cup of wedding tea. But for Greg and Stef this was right up their aisle. We love the opportunity to stretch our legs and try something different. They may have been demons on the dance floor but in the golden hour sun you would think they had the halos of angels. I can only hope all our future weddings are as picturesque.
Dimesh & Sejal Wedding
Everything about Dimjal's wedding was beautiful! The people, the outfits, the venue, it was honestly flawless and such a joy to film. I try to make every wedding unique and let the day inform the edit. It wasn't until hearing the dinosaur poem that I saw this wedding as a beautiful fairytale and I wanted to make that come across in the video. I couldn't be happier with the result.
Gemma & David Wedding
One of my first ever weddings but still remains one of my favourites. The vintage feel and constant joy on the couples face make me want to smile every time I watch it. My equipment and technology may have improved since but nothing beats a great story when it comes to wedding videography, and Gemma + David's wedding is one of the greatest stories.
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