Gap Medics is one of my most long standing repeat clients and from this we have developed an un-paralled relationship. Over the years I have travelled to many of their partner destinations; including Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Croatia and Poland in order to capture their medical placements for aspiring doctors, nurses, dentists and midwives. 

Below features an array of video styles such as summer round up videos, website landing pages, interviews and social media advertising campaigns. With each video I create I try to improve on the last, keeping track of digital trends, audience response and viewer retention.
Travel-Style Round Up Video
This video combines a variety of filming and editing styles. Being in the right place, ready to capture those candid, organic moments is paramount and that's made so much easier when you take the time to get to know the people you're working with. Despite what Snapchat and Instagram may have you believe, when students have a video camera pointed at them, they get camera shy. Only once you take the time to get to know them and generate a genuine bond, will they start to open up and start to work with you to capture the best footage possible, and that's what makes videos like this really work.
Social Media Interview
This is a fresh take on the classic interview. Instead of the subject being in a fixed position I wanted them to be moving, showcasing the beautiful scenery but still keeping that candid feel. The students' testimonials weren't scripted but as mentioned above, taking the time to get to know the students gives you a better feel for what will yield the most authentic chemistry on camera. This is combined with overlayed b-roll to keep it interesting and really give the audience a realistic feel for the girls' experiences.
Social Media Advert
With over half a million views this social media advert was a great way to reach a wide audience and convey as much about why they should love Gap Medics in 60 seconds or less. These videos need to be emotive, sharp, snappy and capture the attention of your target market, giving all the most relevant information to make them want to find out more, book on, or visit their website. It combines a variety of styles and can be done with complete story boarding ahead of production, or pulled together in post from a variety of relevant candid shoots. It always helps to be a part of the process from conception to completion so that at each stage you know exactly what's come before, and what the end product or goal will be.
Safari Advert
I wanted to capture the raw energy and intensity that you feel when on a safari. Highlighting how close the action is and how fun and exciting it can be to witness animals in their natural environment. This was my first project abroad, filming in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania and it was a great way to cut my teeth. I wanted to try out a variety of shots and angles while still capturing as much interesting activity as possible.
Classic Interview / Website Landing Page
This is a combination between the classic candid interview and the expositional scripted piece to camera. It's great for website landing pages because it gives a lot of important factual information as well as emotive experiences from the company's customers. It needs a degree of attention with regards to lighting, sound and editing in order to ensure that the best information comes through to the audience, but the end result is a great way to give a lot of information in an eye catching, engaging short-form video. 
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