I began CTK Media back in 2015 along side a small team of friends and professionals. With a lot of ideas and scripts, we began to hone our craft, creating and developing ideas that we cared about or simply made us laugh. In 2017 we began officially trading and have since made a variety of films all around the world. 

Since we started we've witnessed how film-making can bridge gaps between cultures/communities and hope to one day use that to create inclusive/representative films with the ability to uplift and create positive change within the world. If we can also make people laugh along the way, even better!
Bury Lodge - Wedding Venue Promotional Video
Back in 2017 I had the pleasure of filming a weekend wedding at Bury Lodge in Stansted. As a result, last year I was contacted to make a promotional video using the footage I had of the venue from the wedding. Bury Lodge is a beautiful venue with an amazing staff, that I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside for the duration of the wedding.
1998 Vauxhall Arena
This is a re-edit of a segment from a longer video. CTK Media has a 30 Before 30 series where I had just purchased my first van and needed a short cinematic sequence to showcase the vehicle. I liked the segment so much I put it in it's own isolated video to show what can be done with just one lens and a subject.
Superhero Pitch: Toxic Masculinity Man
This is the first of our short films, produced with just a 2 and a half person crew (don't ask). We started by venturing up to Hull to set up in the BBC building, followed by a half day of rehearsal and a day of filming. Unable to completely black-out the office, we had to adapt to the ever changing whim of the English weather. The sun bursting through the blinds in full intensity one moment, and completely absent the next.  It was a lot of fun finding ways to add our own gels and lights within the scene that compliment and enhance the already vibrant office space. Being the director (doubling as occasional boom and camera op) it was great to work with the actors in order to really bring depth and humour to the scene.
Kofi's Kitchen Food Challenge
In an upbeat documentary style, this video sums up a food challenge using b-roll and a series of talking pieces to camera. I wanted to create something fun and light hearted using graphics and modern social-media style overlays. Featuring BBC's Kofi Smiles, the video creates a dramatic and suspense filled energy which climaxes and concludes with a satisfying end.
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