I originally became familiar with B-Center when I attended one of their dance auditions in France. From that point on I became closer and closer with Houssine the owner and have worked together on many projects both dance and media related. From the French Alpes to the shores of Morocco, I'm sure we'll continue to work on more projects in new and fascinating destinations.
Dance Class Sizzle Reel
To create this video I candidly filmed one of their advanced dance classes. Observing the class as they learned the choreography I tried to capture the dancers as they naturally interact with each other. Having a dance background was beneficial in adapting my filming style to capture what steps I knew were next to come. I feel this gives the video a feel of not just showcasing dance, but moving with it in order to create something engaging, energetic and extremely fun.
Dance Camp Round Up Video
This is a round up I filmed of their Summer Dance Camp in Tignes, France. I aimed to create a vlog style video that really highlighted the fun and community aspect of dance. Not only was I trying to make something that can be used for future advertising but also something that the students can watch and show their friends. It was great to be a part of such a vibrant and high energy camp.
Dance / Product Videography
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